Kathleen offers individual sessions in person and by phone or Skype. Please use the contact page to connect with her. Sessions are each unique according to individual needs, and can be divided into two basic types for more ease of choice.

Sound Initiations

Kathleen connects with the Awakened Ancestors who send sounds, chants and/or songs specifically for you, assisting you to release restrictive patterns in your cell memory  and to awaken dormant gifts, talents and wisdom. You are welcome to participate with your own spontaneous sounds and/or to relax and receive, whatever feels best for you. If you wish, she will also share practices which will help you ground and integrate this experience.

Sound-Healing Sessions

This session is specifically geared to current challenges you may be experiencing. The Awakened Ancestors send sounds, images and energy through Kathleen as she assists you to uncover and transform the core of the challenge, hidden in the illusion of your story. She offers on-going practices to use this challenge for it’s true function– the expansion of your Essential Self.

“Sound vibrations bring a remembrance of the perfection that exists at a cellular or perhaps subatomic level. The sound vibration I experienced in my session brought back a memory of my perfection—that even my imperfection is part of the perfection. I feel a cellular happiness. The sounds bring back a memory of wholeness, as the high and low tones (vocals and instruments) reach every level that needs to remember the wholeness it is. Kathleen’s tones bring back the Remembrance of Source, of my true nature which is pure love.” Philip Meyer, Napa, CA, EFT coach/teacher

Brief Bio—Kathleen Casey

I was drawn to alternative healing when my four children were quite young. My children were my first clients, while I studied a number of modalities including herbal healing and Reiki. My children rarely needed medical treatment and have both humorous and successful stories regarding my early healing experiments.

Eventually I began to offer my services to extended family members and friends, and gradually attracted clients. When my children were all in school I returned to work full-time, and often gave healing sessions to stressed, or ill co-workers.

In 1993, I spontaneously began speaking a language that dramatically affected all of us in the rebirthing workshop I was attending. That began a long apprenticeship with non-physical presences, who taught me in a very unorthodox manner. I practiced what I was “remembering” with trusted friends. A year living in Ireland, became the catalyst for combining my vocal sounds with energy work in client sessions. Beginning with an African rattle I bought, while traveling in Spain, a variety of instruments have been added to my vocals, and the collection continues to grow.

In 1999, I left the business world, and began teaching people how to access the power for healing and transformation through their own voices. Currently all my events are given in ritual form; we move out of linear time and limitations, and enter sacred space and the realm of infinite possibilities. Working with the Awakened Ancestors led me to facilitate lineage clearings and the activation of dormant wisdom and gifts in cell memory, individually and in groups. I now integrate all of my previous work within the context of living and creating from our hearts; so that we evolve into our divine human blueprint.

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