Meet Kathleen

Forty years ago I was in sales and pregnant with my first child. My former husband and I were part of a metaphysical group, where I was taught “essence singing” (toning) as a way to bypass personality and grow my Essential Self. If someone had told me then that I would one day be using sound as an integral part of my life work, I would not have believed it. I had other plans.

During the years I gave birth to my four children, I learned natural childbirth; the last two births took place in our home. For some years after, I taught “Birth as a Rite of Passage”, an Initiation. The birth process taught me principles that always apply when I find I am birthing a new phase of my life or aspect of myself.

Soon after my last child was born, I apprenticed to an alternative healer in Taos, NM. Until ten years ago, I have been involved in both business and in healing and transformational work. My focus is on wholeness rather than healing, and on the alchemy that refines us so that we can consciously live from our true nature.

My business background includes creating large networking events in several cities, while in the hospitality industry; working as a business consultant, training employees in communication and conflict resolution, and becoming a certified mediator. I have also taught autogenic standard training, which helps bring the autonomic nervous system into balance.

Ten years ago, five years after I had been inspired to use sound with clients, a friend told me about Tom Kenyon, a very powerful sound healer and teacher. A week or so later, I just happened to see his name on the outside of a magazine. He was offering an event 15 minutes from where I lived in just a few days, and I soon found myself in his weekend workshop. Prior to what appeared to be a fairly simple ritual, he spoke about the power of sound, and said something like, ” Don’t do this ritual unless you really want your life to change!” I had been feeling stuck, and did want change; so I did the ritual.

At that point in my life, I had not yet been a recipient of sound healing myself, and had no direct experience of what a powerful catalyst it could be. After that ritual my life seemed to reorganize itself, and I suddenly found myself on a fast track in the opposite direction from everyone else around me.

Two weeks later my director position in a consulting firm was dissolved; given my level of achievement and commitment to the work that came as a big surprise. A few months later the dark suits we had been required to wear, were given away, and I stepped fully into the unknown. Over the last ten years I have been learning to live in a way our culture does not yet understand, and that process keeps deepening each day. The practices I use assist me to identify with and make choices from my Essential Self rather than the memories, imprints and patterns which make up my personality. I am always my own client first.

I offer sound experiences, practices and intuitive coaching/counseling as a catalyst and support for your journey to wholeness, happiness and true freedom.

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