It’s more than a decade since I heard a gong played for the first time. I still remember the feeling; all my cells vibrated with ecstatic sound. I asked if the gong player had any tapes of his music, explaining that I would like to play them for my clients.

My practice involves shamanic sounds, and I felt that the sounds of the gong would be a powerful addition. He said that if I wanted my clients to feel what I had felt, I would need to buy a gong because that energy could not be transmitted through the current technology (of 10 years ago). Since the shamanic aspect of my practice had begun spontaneously with my voice and one rattle, at the time, it was a huge leap to add a large gong.

Almost before I realized what I had done, I was the owner of a 34″ gong. I was taught a few strokes, and then told that “the gong will teach you the rest”. ┬áMy relationship with my gong and with my Self continues to evolve as I align with Inspiration and vibration.

For a number of years I traveled the West Coast through the Southwest, giving events, and seeing private clients. The big gong made its first flight in 2008 when I went to live on the Big Island, where an additional gong was added. Now it would be hard to imagine my life without the gongs, and my instrument collection continues to grow organically.

While gong sounds may indeed feel more powerful in person, technology has also improved. Gongs are very unique instruments and have presented some interesting recording challenges.

Listen to this meditative piece as you relax for a few minutes and allow yourself to connect with your Self.

Connect with your Self (right click on title to download file)

Your experience will be greatly enhanced with a headset; the gong sounds can distort depending on speaker quality. You may also enjoy reading the information below:

“To hear the infinite sounds created by the gong and to feel its vibrations on and inside your body is an experience that reaches into the depths of your psyche. Mystics of old said, the Sacred Gong was the incarnated embodiment of a high creative intelligence and its vibrations imparted the “Universal Life Force” to the listener. The sound is beyond music, with current applications in sound healing therapy, spiritual quickening, yoga and meditation. The force of energy from the full spectrum of sound resonates chakras and meridians. The vibration is felt in all atoms of every cell, bone and organ of the body. The secret of the gong is its great potential for healing and rejuvenation. The musical “touch” creates a sense of well being, a sense of ecstasy. It is positively uplifting: mentally, physically, and spiritually.

In Feng Shui the gong is known to clear energy blocks that prevent the ch’i (Life Energy) from moving freely in the home, to call forth Spirit, to clarify and focus the mind, to ask for guidance and to offer praise and thanks.

The sound is beyond words: rolling waves of sound, all the Sounds of Creation, the glorious roar of the Universe. As a meditation instrument, it can bring listeners to altered states of consciousness, opening them to healing and connecting them with more expansive states of reality.”

Recently I’ve had a rest from travel, and have been taking time to deepen the transformational sounds, rituals and practices I offer. I am now preparing my first extended mainland tour in three years. I’ll be posting seminar and travel plans in the near future. If you would like to experience the gongs live, please see my contact page.

Deep Peace to You,

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