Private—Coaching and/or Sound Sessions

“The focus of my session was releasing family patterns. I experienced a clearing and opening in my abdomen. I no longer carry the ever present anxiety that has been my companion all my life. This is powerful work!” ~ B G, Sonoma CA

“Kathleen helped me gain perspective on a long standing family pattern; I can now move on with my life free of resentment and blame.” ~ A M, retired teacher, artist, Virginia Beach VA

“In our mediation with Kathleen, we were able to permanently defuse the irrational anger and resentment that would flare up in response to the most minor differences of opinion. ~ C & D K, Marin County CA

“I have been working with Kathleen for about a year in group and private sessions. I have noticed my approach to life has changed dramatically. I am acting from my heart without fear. I feel vibrant, happy and look forward to what is offered to me next! I credit Kathleen’s profound gifts and generosity of spirit for my progress.” ~ K W, graphic artist, Berkeley CA

“My sound healing session with Kathleen Casey was incredible. Her ability to resonate healing vibration, both with voice and instrument,  penetrated into the depths of my consciousness and aligned my energies into a more balanced presence.  I actually experienced the channels of my right and left hemispheres in aligned balance and harmony.” ~ I G, CMT, CNA, Sonoma CA

“Kathleen’s command of sound through many forms, spoken and instrumental, has promoted real transformation of long-standing patterns of dysfunction in my relations with my family. The process continues, in a telepathic, energetic process between us all. It is beyond words.” ~ L E, M.Ed. & aura counselor, Phoenix OR

“Thank you so much Kathleen, for your wisdom shared yesterday on the phone. I was in a bit of a tizzy and your insights and counsel calmed me right down.” ~ P.M., Massage Therapist, Marin County CA

“Kathleen’s sounds are primordial and effect the body immediately. Upon hearing her gong and vocalizations I immediately felt my ancestors presence in the room. The message? To forgive myself and get on with my work. The result? A renewed vigor and intent.” ~ D T, Quechan Nation

Group Events

“During the event, I released family patterns of poverty and lack! The morning after the event I felt lighter, like something had dropped off. I am now making different choices, which have opened an amazing flow of abundance in all areas of my life.” ~ JJ C, creator of the I AM CARDS, Sonoma, CA

“This was a life changing experience. I released trauma while having fun.” ~ I G, Albuquerque NM

“The chattering voice that was always pushing me to do more, be more, go more was silenced. Now I can just be me.”~ A T, business owner, Sedona AZ

“The lineage event is like a time-released capsule affecting long term change and transformation.” ~ D L, actress, healer and comedienne, Los Angeles CA

“I was aware of many shifts taking place in my body and when I left the workshop I was a different person—more my true self. How does it get better than this?” ~ L L, Bellingham WA

“I am not even the same person. Instead, I have released some self-restricting energy patterns, resulting in an emergence… as if from a sleep. I am a more authentic Donna, less encumbered with fears and worries. The only way to describe how I feel now is that I vibrate at a higher frequency.” ~ D, Coquitlam BC

“I had a profound sense of “being seen” as Kathleen worked on me. I was left with a feeling of Lightness and Gratitude that felt very firmly anchored in my heart chakra… it has been several weeks now, and it is still with me!” ~ I, Bellingham WA

“Kathleen is a vessel for the vibrations of the Universe.  She plays from deep within her heart allowing us all to entrain with her creative expression thru sound.  I experience deep cellular healing as a result of her incredible work.  She is truly a loving and gifted healer. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a truly transformative experience.” ~ J J, M.A., MFC, spiritual counseling and energy therapy, Sonoma CA

“The sounds of the gongs relaxed us and took us to a very peaceful, expanded space. Kathleen’s presentation was deeply relaxing and moving. We recommend Kathleen’s presentation to any group who wants to expand their consciousness through meditative and healing tones.” ~ Aloha Center for Spiritual Living, Kona HI

“Kathleen is a gifted sound shaman with passion and refined intuition to effectively clear, activate and calibrate energy centers for optimal, integral performance. Her dedication, wisdom, confidence and respectful approach provide a safe, supportive space for holistic healing and profound, enduring transformation.” ~ HRS, recruiter, marketing consultant, Marin County CA

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