Align with Your Essential Self!

As you visit these web pages, please take this opportunity to focus on your heart and breathe. Give yourself a break from thinking and doing as you relax into your Self.

This site, like myself, is a work in progress. The process of birthing one’s true Self is the greatest challenge and joy in life, similar to giving birth to a baby. As in physical labor it’s essential to stay aware, choose where to put your attention, learn how and when to let go and to act in alignment with your Self.  Compassion, soul friends and humor make all that even easier and quite often unexpectedly fun!

I feel delight and appreciation when I see my life, and others’ lives reflect our inner changes, as we each take responsibility for everything in our reality and consciously CHOOSE how we respond.

The vibration of sound both internal—the sound of silence, and external—inspired singing, toning, chanting and instrumental, has the power to shift consciousness quickly. This shift in consciousness makes it easier to achieve objective awareness, and to remember your true nature. I offer experiences and practices, which facilitate and integrate those shifts in consciousness into your every day life.

As your objective awareness increases, your brain and heart can learn to operate in harmony, and challenges you face become catalysts for the expansion of your powerful, Essential Self. You live more often in a state of Inspiration, spontaneously knowing the next step to take or unexpected events, information and resources may synchronistically appear. As you learn to easily access information and ideas, and to create in a fluid, organic way, life becomes more fun and enjoyable. Every “problem” is an opportunity to watch your life unfold in ways you might never have expected.

May your life surpass your most outrageous imagination,


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